Briony Barr is a conceptual artist working at the intersection of artistic process and scientific methodology. Through rule-based drawing, participatory installation and workshops, her work explores emergence and pattern-formation, deriving inspiration from complex adaptive systems, sociology and relational aesthetics. Since 2011, Briony has run collaborative drawing experiments as part of the Drawing on Complexity project. Involving a diverse range of participants (including students, astronomers, artists, teachers, the general public), drawings have ranged between several hours and six weeks long. Briony is co-founder of art-science collective Scale Free Network and is an honorary fellow of The University of Melbourne’s School of Physics.

Scale Free Network (SFN) is an art-science collaborative and micro-publisher founded in 2007 by conceptual artist Briony Barr and microbial ecologist, Dr Gregory Crocetti. Based in Melbourne, SFN creates interdisciplinary workshops, installations, artworks, picture books and graphic novels inspired by the microscopic world (99 % of biodiversity on Earth is invisible to the naked eye, so there’s a lot to work with). SFN projects aim to ‘visualise the invisible’ at the same time as questioning the human-scale lens through which we relate to the world.

Briony is one of the members of Carbon Arts’ Australian Future Foods Lab project, collaborating with us on the Native Botanicals dinner (2013), Elixir Bar (2013) and Of this Earth (2019).