Janet Laurence’s practice examines humans’ impact on a fragile and increasingly disappearing natural world. In the gallery space she creates immersive environments that reveal the interconnectedness of all living forms, evoking chance encounter, memory and loss. Laurence is also widely known for her many public artworks that open the potential for a broad public engagement, empathy and knowledge of the natural environment.

Janet lives and works in Sydney. A recipient of both a Rockefeller and Churchill Fellowship, she was a Trustee of the Art Gallery of NSW, on the VAB Board of the Australia Council and is currently Visiting Fellow at COFA NSW University.

Carbon Arts collaborated with Janet on the Australian Future Foods Lab project, in association with her 2012-2013 show at the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park. Janet was also an invited artist to the Swimmable! Arts Lab at GASP and is developing a public art concept emerging from this project.