The Archive of Old and New Events, a collaboration between Tega Brain and Jodi Newcombe of Carbon Arts, reaches Australian audiences for the first time at the Australian Design Museum as part of the exhibition, Future Nature, in partnership with the Australian Museum.

At its root climate change is a cultural problem. If we are to survive it we’ll need to start some serious culture jamming with the planet. What types of cultural phenomenon will emerge in response to the strange weather of the future? Will we be celebrating annual acts of global geo-engineering or dining out on tidal waves of jelly fish? The Archive of Old and New events examines age old human connections between seasons and other natural cycles and events. Situated in 2030, the archive presents artefacts from celebrations silenced by a changing climate as well as speculations from the festivities of a brave new world. Together these materialise cultural loss and the extraordinary human capacity for adaptation and celebration.

Future Nature maps the places where art, science, and design collide. Inspired by the Australian Museum’s living collection, Future Nature is an exploration of the roots of scientific curiosity, collection, and exploration – taking things apart, examining them, and reforming them anew through scientific enquiry.