The Lab was designed to foster processes of collaboration and encourage the early development of artwork concepts. GASP and Carbon Arts invited seven leading, contemporary Australian artists to experience the site at GASP and engage with the tight knit community of stakeholders from science, industry, government and the local community participating in the project since its inception. Over four days it offered participants an immersive experience of the environmental and community context and introduced them to the wealth of supportive stakeholder organisations and resources available to develop emergent concepts.

Invited artists included; Janet Laurence, Justy phillips, Tega Brain, Julie Gough, Nigel Helyer, James Newitt and James Geurts.

Read the Swimmable! LAB report here.

Spending time at the site was really important. I experienced the restless atmosphere of the river and the park and how the site was connected to the surrounding community. The different perspectives from the week’s speakers and guests revealed the complexity of the river’s history in both a social and environmental sense. – Tega Brain, artist

The Swimmable Lab helped me to visualise and understand the River from a different contextual viewpoint. It expanded my understanding of its “function” as a system, to beyond functionality. – Sean Riley, Aquenal