Dr Gavin Sade is a designer in the field of interactive computational media, with a background in music and sonology. He is currently the Head of Interactive and Visual Design in the Creative Industries Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology. Gavin holds a Bachelor of Music (Sonology) from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and a PhD in interactive media arts and sustainability.

He has been creating interactive media systems and electronic art since 1990 when he began working with electronic music band Vision 4/5 and later with Keith Armstrong and the Transmute Collective. In 2003 he formed Kuuki, a creative media collective, and has since lead the production of a number of high profile electronic and large-scale public artworks.

Carbon Arts is working with Gavin on a number of projects, including Electricity Sparks and Sensing Sydney, where Gavin is an invited artist to the City Data Slam at ISEA2013.