NATALIE JEREMIJENKO is an environmental artist whose background includes studies in biochemistry, physics, neuroscience and precision engineering. Native to Brisbane, but resident in the USA since the 1990s her work primarily explores the interface between society, the environment and technology. A 1999 Rockfeller fellow and current TED Global fellow, Natalie is currently an Associate Professor at NYU in the Visual Art Department, where she has affiliated faculty appointments in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. At NYU she founded and directs the Environmental Health Clinic, which develops prescriptions for citizens to remediate local environments and coordinates diverse projects that seek to radically shift our relationship to natural systems and other creatures. This sizeable body of work (all prefixed with her hallmark ‘x’ for experimental design) has pioneered a form of public art that engenders collective action and measurable environmental gain.

Carbon Arts has collaborated with Jeremijenko on a projects including the Cross(x) Species Adventure Club and Echology: Making Sense of Data.