We are what we eat. So what are we eating? And when we eat, how does each bite shape the land, touch the soil, and write our future? Walk with us in curiosity and imagination through the cultural spaces of Bunjil Place, dining on a specially crafted degustation menu that responds to these questions through taste and nourishment. You’re invited to re-examine our food culture as we peel back the veils of our food chain and delve into the soils and histories, dreamings and possible futures of this land.

Infused with insights from Bruce Pascoe’s book Dark Emu, this Australian Future Foods Lab and Situation Dining collaboration led audiences on a dark and delicious journey into the entangled web of food, life and the stories that sustain us. Of this Earth is a Carbon Arts production, sponsored by Bunjil Place and featured in the Art+Climate=Change 2019 festival.

Saturday, 4 May 2019, Bunjil Place, City of Casey