There have been a multitude of exhibitions showcasing the work of artists responding to climate change and more broadly the intersect between the arts, society and the environment. In the lead up to the landmark Copenhagen Climate Summit, upon which so much hope was placed, there was a peak in exhibitions of this type. With the issue of climate change unlikely to go away, such curatorial explorations are likely to continue.

Carbon Ecologies

Australian artist, curator and environmentalist Richard Thomas, has been working for over 20 years in various media exploring the intersect of art, culture and environment, including the carbon cycle and climate change. His 2008 project Carbon Ecologies, exhibited a range of works by different artists on the themes of the carbon economy and management in different countries, including a video works, painting, photography and installation. Local brown coal burnt in real time to generated the electricity which lit the exhibition.

eARTh: Art for a Changing World

In December 2009, at the time of the UNFCCC Climate Conference, the Royal Academy of the Arts was home to this exhibition of 30 leading international contemporary artists, demonstrating the role that art can play in communicating the relevance of climate change to our daily lives. Video art, installation, photography, sculpture and painting are all represented in a myriad of often touching, challenging and revealing observations of our current plight and potential response.


Cape Farewell Touring Exhibition

From the Cape Farewell expeditions comes the touring exhibition in London, Liverpool, Hamburg, Madrid, Tokyo in 2006, 2007, 2008 and now Cranbrook, USA in 2010.

In the Balance: Art for a Changing World

In the Balance: Art for a Changing World was an environmental art exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney from August to October 2010. Featuring over 100 works by 30 artists, the show charted the history of engagement of the arts in Australian environmental activism as well as showcasing international and contemporary artists addressing a range of issues from waste, renewable energy, climate change denial, uranium mining and the ethics of food.

Surface Tension

In 2012 Eyebeam Art & Technology Center presented Surface Tension, an exhibition and arts lab developed by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, which brought together work by international artists, designers, engineers and scientists to explore the future of water. The work exhibition examines water’s physical properties, its role in politics and economics, and ways in which it may be harnessed, cleaned, and distributed.